As we enter another week of online learning, it seems a good moment to reflect on our gratitude for the brave women and men who risk their lives daily, for the greater good of us all. Back on Thursday November 12th, Northmount School for Boys, led by its Student Council, participated in a walkathon to raise funds for the UHN COVID-19 Emergency Fund.
Following physical distance protocols, students walked in class cohorts, alongside their teacher, from our school to Edwards Gardens and back, a 5-kilometre circuit. Our youngest students, JK-2, completed a half circuit. Though a small school of around 130 students, all of our students completed the walk with enthusiasm, knowing that the funds raised were going toward a great cause.
Northmount’s Student Council came up with the idea at the beginning of the year as a way to make sure our activities were impactful as regards our local community and the effects of the current pandemic. The Student Council wanted to support a cause that had relevance to their own lives and the people around them, especially as many of our parents work in the field of healthcare.
In the two weeks prior to the walkathon, the students of Northmount School completed a fundraising drive, with students making donations from their own “piggy banks” as well as collecting donations from family members and friends (by making virtual connections and transfers of donations in order to only make contact with those in their household).
Student Council planned the route, organized volunteers to staff the route at turns so that no one would get lost, arranged for snacks on the students’ return, made posters, pledge sheets and announcements, collected and counted the donations, and provided support and enthusiasm to all student participants throughout the event.
Afterwards, they personally reached out to parent donors for a thank you phone call and to share their appreciation of the support they gave. Lastly, Student Council had the honour of representing Northmount School for Boys by personally delivering the funds raised to UHN at a special presentation outside Toronto General. #uhn #northmountschool #northmountschoolforboys #northmount