Photos, Videos, and Testimonials

We hope that these photos and videos help to give you some insights about life at Northmount school. For additional media, please be sure to check out our YouTube channel as well as our Instagram and FaceBook. Links can be found at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

In the following parent testinmonial, Robin Di Tosto shares her insights. She has two children in grade 3 and 4 attending Northmount School. Robin praises the school’s ability to balance faith and academics while also having a family orientated community. She loves how they teach the children how to implement virtues such as respect and honesty into their everyday lives.

Barbara is proud parent to three Northmount Students, currently in Grade 2, 4, and 8. She shares her insights about choosing the right school, how her boys have responded to a Northmount education, and what her family appreciates most about our school.

Hear from our Head of School, an alumni student, and current parent in this round table discussion:

The National Anthem, performed by the students of Northmount School. During Covid, we can no lnger sing together as a school. However, the boys were determined that we should still be able to come together for our anthem during our daily assembly. The solution? Each boy was recorded doing a solo performance. This was then stitched together to form one piece. We hope you enjoy.

Our Head boy and the students of Northmount wanted to say a BIG Thank You to all those who gave so generously on Giving Tuesday this year. For further opportunities, please check out our giving page.

A day in the life…..

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