Welcome to Northmount School for Boys’ Building Fund Campaign

In January 2020, Northmount is embarking on an $8 Million Building Fund Campaign.  With ownership of our present campus at 26 Mallard Rd. (closing date January 31, 2020) the school will realize its long-term goal of independence, as well as have the opportunity to expand and significantly renovate our school. While a physical building is not indicative of a strong education, a modern, updated facility is necessary to enhance great programming and engage young minds. The planned renovation is the result of a community-driven Master Building Plan that will realize our collective vision for the future of Northmount and accommodate our growing population (maximum student body or 153), while remaining true to our mission and roots as a family school.

We hope you to join us as we embark on the next chapter in our school’s legacy and ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are young men of character, values, and faith.

Now is the time to invest in our students, our community and our future.

Now is the time for Northmount School

For more information, please contact

Amanda Copeman

Director of Advancement

416-449-8823 ext. 115