A Snapshot of the Student Body
By: Mau S., Caspian C., Jayden J. and Stuart L.

Northmount has 147 unique students with so many interests. We wanted to learn more about them, so we recently conducted a survey of all the students at Northmount. Here are the questions asked and results.

Favourite Subject?

We started with favourite subject. Physical Education, as you might have thought, is almost always the winning choice, and this year is no different. Phys. Ed. was chosen by 34%. Close behind was Math in second place with 25%. Students had a lot of interesting perspectives about why they love certain subjects. For Math one student said, “It all makes sense once it’s explained.” One student who chose Science said in class, “There are cool things like explosions.” One student who prefers Social Studies the most said he does so because he “loves to see the past”.

Favourite Sport?

The next question was favourite sport. Our Northmount students play a variety of sports. Overall, however, Soccer (21%) wins this one, beating basketball (16%) and flag football (10%). Badminton, hockey, and swimming rounded out the top six. One student who loved swimming the most noted that in the pool “you feel like you can fly”. For one of our soccer stars, he said he liked the teamwork involved in soccer the most. One student who selected hockey noted how “you have to give it your all” on the ice.   

Cats or Dogs?

There was a clear preference among Northmount students here. Dogs won with 67% of the vote to 33% for cats. Though we’re sure that come the next survey cats may claw their way back into the #1 favourite spot.




Favourite Superhero?

Spiderman managed to hold off Batman for first place among Northmount students. Black Panther was just behind them and came in third place, with Green Lantern and Winter Soldier rounding out the top five.


Favourite Season?

Maybe it’s because of all the winter sports our students like playing or maybe it’s the beauty of Christmas – the favourite season for Northmount students was winter (49.4%). Summer came second (33.8%) with autumn (14.3%) and spring (2.6%) a distant third and fourth.



Favourite Snack?

There was a HUGE variety of snacks chosen with only a few that had more than one vote. Chips came in first place. The other choices with more than one selection were chocolate, cookies, and Skittles.

Favourite Hobby?

There was so much variety in the answers here. Reading and video games were the two most common hobbies. Some interesting choices were crocheting, listening to audiobooks, and crafting paper.



Dream Job?

There were so many choices, but here were some of the most noteworthy: artist, gamer, politician, doctor, chemist, Youtuber, policeman, tech worker, lawyer, scientist, and teacher. Three said they wanted to be a pilot and several said they would like to own their own business.

Special Talent?

There were so many unique talents among our Northmount students, including solving Rubik’s Cubes in under 20 seconds, juggling, flipping and somersaults, having a black belt in Taekwondo, making crochet stuffed animals, calligraphy, woodworking, and memorizing songs just by hearing them.



What Do You Most Enjoy About the Northmount Community?

There were many interesting answers. Some of them include:

“It is small, so you know everyone”; “Everyone is nice”; “Very welcoming”; “Students from different grades can interact”; “Everything” and “Friendship” as well as several comments about the field trips and sports.