House System

At Northmount School for Boys, our House System is the backbone for creating, maintaining, and fostering a close com-munity across all grade levels. At the beginning of the academic year, new students are inducted into one of the three Houses of which they remain a part of throughout their Northmount tenure. Each house represents a Canadian individual who has had a significant impact in their respective fields and exemplifies the qualities that we wish to see in our graduates:

FOX HOUSE — named after Terry Fox, a cancer research activist and humanitarian.

BANTING HOUSE — named after Sir Frederick Banting, a pioneer in modern medicine.

ORR HOUSE — named after the hockey sensation Bobby Orr.

The Knighting Ceremony and House System help all of our boys to feel a sense of community. Especially for new students, the House System helps them quickly develop a feeling of belonging as they quickly bond with their new house mates. Together they will work for years to achieve a common goal: winning the House Cup!


At the commencement of the school year, the Agora, our central meeting place, is transformed into a knighting chamber. The existing members of the three houses sit in place, while the entering students are called one at a time and are trans-formed from recently accepted students into newly-minted knights and pledge loyalty to Northmount and one of the three houses. As the House Master calls their name, the boy approaches the stage wrapped in the school’s banner, and then kneels to be inducted.

The Northmount sword is tapped on each of the young men’s shoulders, and the House Master exclaims, “May you be a faithful friend, a worthy opponent, strong in deeds, and a saint in God’s service”. Following this, the student is assigned a House for life! All cheer and the new House Mates embrace their fellow members.