A Message from the Head Boy

By Mau S.

As we head into the last few weeks at Northmount, I want to look back on my goals of the year and how the year has gone. One of my main goals of the year was to get activities back to the way they were before the pandemic. I am glad to say that my wish came true. House Games are back (a big thank you to the House Captains) and events like Big Brother-Little Brother happened for the first time in 3 years. Another personal goal I had was to join almost every team Northmount offered; that came true, too.

We had a lot of fun in all the sports as these activities are one of the ways we can bond with our classmates. Personally, I played with my classmates in volleyball, cross-country, dodgeball, flag football, basketball, badminton, and currently, track-and-field. 

There have been many highlights for the student community this year, all of which I will never forget. For the Grade 7s and 8s, the September camping trips are always incredible.  The biggest trip, however, was the March Break U.S. trip, our first international trip since 2020. The places we went, but even more the time we got to spend with our classmates, was the best time I have ever experienced. 

Even though the year is almost over, my classmates and I still have a lot to look forward to. There are still sports to come and graduating soon is really exciting for us all. These are just a few of the countless things Northmount has to offer.

I honestly can’t believe that I am leaving Northmount so soon. In my younger grades I never even thought about graduating. “Too far away from now it’s like it will never happen,” I used to think, but now I am here. My class is moving on to high school. The time I have spent here, the teachers I’ve had, and the friends I’ve made are things I will always remember and for which we will all be forever grateful.