Grade JK to 8


We have a dynamic, evolving curriculum in the primary grades (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2) at Northmount School. We work hard at documenting the specific outcomes for each grade level. These outcomes are then coordinated from grade to grade so that students meet particular skills at age appropriate times.

The main focus of the Primary Division is for boys to develop a love of learning. Furthermore, and through our dedicated and caring staff, the boys are given an excellent academic, athletic, artistic, social, and spiritual foundation.

The Primary Division has an energetic and talented group of teachers that strives to individualize its instruction and programs. Teachers enrich student learning as well as provide additional help and encouragement when needed. As a result, we are able to offer a challenging program for all. It is so well developed that by the end of senior kindergarten our boys read, write and do mathematics at a Grade 1 standard, which sets them well on the path towards academic success.

JUNIOR: Grades 3-5

At Northmount School our approach to our Junior Division students reflects a belief in hands-on learning and action-oriented pedagogy. The solid foundations of the primary grades are further developed and polished. Students find themselves achieving standards beyond their years.

We challenge boys to stretch their minds through an enriched academic program and stellar arts options. Athletics complement what they learn in the classroom and contribute to individual fitness and wellness.

As a “small by design” school, the opportunities to participate at Northmount School are great. This creates an inclusive atmosphere, and develops positive attitudes to participation, personal performance, teamwork, and fair play, which are important to healthy development of our Junior Division boys.

SENIOR: Grades 6-8

Northmount School is a learning community where academic excellence is part of our tradition. We continue to build daily on our curriculum through a thoughtful approach to teaching in a nurturing, boy-centred environment.

The Intermediate Division promotes a Catholic liberal arts education in order to ensure that our graduates meet the challenges presented by a rapidly changing society. As such, students are provided with the opportunity to grow into well-rounded students and to develop as young men of character.

Students learn to think critically, to debate, and to enjoy academically challenging programs. With our small class sizes, Northmount provides the individualized learning atmosphere needed for boys to thrive.