Student Leadership

One of the greatest attributes of Northmount School for Boys is its selective small size. This reality affords a great deal of opportunity for initiatives that deal with leadership, mentorship, and cross-grade interaction. Each boy is called to be a leader and a mentor as school-wide leadership opportunities are offered from Kindergarten to Grade Eight.

Our Student Council members are the ambassadors of the school, both inside and beyond the campus. Their duties include fundraising, assisting the gala committee, organizing and helping with events, organizing and executing charitable initiatives, assisting faculty with supervision, and acting as a liaison between students and teachers.

School elections for Council occur in early October with the entire student body voting, by way of secret ballot, for the Head Boy and the Treasurer. The Head Boy is elected by way of securing the most votes from the students and from the staff. Each House selects their own House Captain from grade seven, and the rank of Prefect is assigned to all grade eight students, from which a Head Prefect is derived. The campaigns feature public speaking, debates, and questions and answers from the students in an open forum.

The Student Council consists of several committees which afford students the opportunity to have a real and meaningful impact on their educational experience.


Executive Committee: Head Boy, Head Prefect, Treasurer, Three House Captains, and Class Representatives from grades one to six.

Membership on Council: All of the grade seven and grade eight students.