At Northmount School we offer a variety of arts for our students. These include music, visual arts, drama, and dance. The boys have the opportunity to learn vocabulary, problem solving, and performing techniques that are unique to each discipline.  Our program allows students to explore and develop talents and interests in order to become self-reflective, self-disciplined, and self-expressive.


Northmount School offers a diversified visual arts program. The curriculum includes colour, elements of design, two and three dimensional works, shading, organic and graphic shapes, theory and meaning, and placement of art. Northmount enriches its program with different holiday crafts, the opportunity to make gifts, working in new media, and learning about a variety of artists from different artistic periods with countless styles.
Art at Northmount School is geared towards boys’ interests in colour, carving, collage, mimicry, weaving, and three dimensional work.  Some of the highlighted projects offered to the boys provides them the opportunity to explore clay whistles, free form paintings, sugar cube igloos, clay shields, pizza box warrior helmets, museum dioramas, Egyptian pottery, 3D models of Roman architecture, wood burning birdhouses, gourds and paddles, as well as construction and design of long boards, pop-can airplanes, stylized acrylic canvases, and chess sets.

Classes in the Junior and Senior Division are required to keep a sketch book with assigned weekly drawings.  At the end of every year, there is a themed art show with all grades participating.  In the past years the boys have explored the arts of Africa, Asia, West Coast Native, Inuit, and Vatican Art Museum themes. Each theme has provided the opportunity to develop new skills with interesting media and culturally stylized design.

Every week offers a new opportunity to explore a new culture, artist, and medium, and to learn new skills and grow more confident and devoted in the love of art. The students learn to respect the various artistic ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves.


Singing is the foundation of music learning and commencing in Kindergarten continuing through to Grade 8, music classes take on this focus. Primary Division music classes incorporate games, movement, playing Kodaly instruments, and reading and writing music. Theory and compositional studies intensify in the Junior Division when students begin playing band instruments. Students study music throughout the week, and as young musicians, contribute greatly to enhancing our ceremonies.  In the Senior Division, context and intention underlies the performance of both sacred and secular music. We are proud to annually enroll in the Kiwanis Music Festival, as well as have our Christmas Play, Talent Show, and Spring Arts Show and Play to showcase the talent of our boys. The classes and the performances offer our boys many opportunities for growth as we seek to engage the students on their musical journey of self-discovery.