Small by Design

As a small family school, Northmount School for Boys boasts a tightly knit community. Our boys perform better academically and take greater responsibility for each other because of our small class sizes. Some of the important factors contributing to the success of Northmount are:

  • Small classes mean higher expectations for students and improved standardized test performance
  • More individualized instruction and effective use of specialized provisions for students
  • Heavier emphasis on learning fundamentals
  • More pride and sense of self – students show greater sense of personal possession
  • Fewer disciplinary issues
  • Higher student morale with more opportunities for leadership and participation in school life
  • Higher teacher morale and greater level of co-operation among staff
  • School serves as community nucleus, enabling greater levels of involvement for students, staff, parents, and wider community
  • Majority of community is known to each other fostering high levels of involvement