Young Entrepreneurs in the Making

During the Fall Term, our boys were very fortunate to have the opportunity to sign up for a co-curricular club led by a dedicated parent, Ms. Kay Song. The Young Entrepreneurs Club provided Ms. Song the opportunity to share her expertise as Senior Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary at Manulife Financial. Within her portfolio Ms. Song is responsible for corporate and securities law as well as mergers and acquisitions. This vast knowledge provided an amazing real-life experience that was relevant for our boys.

The boys met each week and assembled around the “boardroom table”. Here they learned many things including: setting up a company, market research, cost benefit analysis, hostile take-overs, debt, bonds, loans, marketing, stock markets and so much more!

The boys eventually formed their own company, Teddy Corp. Its structural hierarchy reflected that of a large company with key roles such as CEO and CMO being assigned. Once the company was up and running the boys settled on sourcing, branding and selling “Northmount Bears”. This endeavour was hugely successful with the team running a stall on the night of the Christmas concert. The company representatives organized pre-ordered bears for pick up and worked hard to sell more as the crowds rolled in. By the end of the night, 79 bears had been sold and the team had raised $500 in profit. All proceeds were forwarded to the Christmas Basket Campaign.

Thanks again to Ms. Song for her vision, expertise and dedication in running this club.