The Northmount Christmas Basket Program

Northmount School for Boys’ Annual Christmas Basket Program supported 12 families through St. Bartholomew’s Church. Fundraising for the baskets began in November with our “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” fundraising event. Parents and staff participated in the event by signing up to either host or attend a dinner party, with those attending making a financial contribution towards the purchasing of turkeys and other perishable goods for the baskets.

There was also a need for presents and non-perishable items. Each class from Kindergarten to Grade Eight was assigned a family to support and for the three weeks leading up to Christmas, the collection boxes outside of the classrooms were overflowing.

On December 12TH, Director of Character Education, Mr. Yeow, met a few of our senior boys for an early breakfast and shopping at the local Metro. Back at the school, the boys were met by teachers and families who had volunteered to help divide up the food and package the baskets for delivery.

Northmount School has been working with St. Bartholomew’s Church for the past 20 years and has supported over 200 families at Christmas time, a tradition we are proud to continue. The old adage that “there is more gained in giving than receiving” speaks to the Northmount spirit. Part of developing character here at Northmount is helping each of our young men understand that helping others is not only the right and Christian thing to do, but fundamental to building a healthy and respectful society.