Pancake Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 13th, Northmount School hosted its annual Pancake Breakfast at 7:30 am.  “You get to eat pancakes and spend time with your parents,’’ said Oliver B.  Many students came to eat many pancakes and a good time was had by all!

Traditionally, Pancake Tuesday is supposed to be a feast before the start of the Lenten Season of prayer and fasting.  Pancake Tuesday is also the day to eat the type of food that you are going to give up. It was, historically, also a good way to make sure food wasn’t going to waste at the start of the Lenten Season, since all the foods could be eaten before the start. For example, if you are giving up chocolate, you can eat a lot of chocolate on Pancake Tuesday to prepare for Lent.  The next day is Ash Wednesday, which is a day of fasting and the start of 40 days of abstinence from one’s chosen food or drink.

The history of Pancake Tuesday began long before the Christian era. A tribe named the Slavs ate pancakes that symbolized the sun. They ate pancakes because they thought it would give them power, light and heat from the sun. Therefore, the history of eating pancakes is very old.

Pancake Tuesday is a good day to spend time with family, especially at Northmount.

By Patrick S. Grade 6